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Melbourne’s most prolific graffiti vandal is jailed

Nost is recognized as one of the most prolific graffiti artists in Melbourne, it is impossible to know how many times he has painted those four letters in places where thousands of people can see it besides trains which have already been cleaned.

Nost’s real name is Shane Newman and has recently been charged with more than 30 felonies including robbery, transgression, damages, felony offenses and possession of a graffiti device with the intention of using it. Last June 13 he was finally jailed and sentenced to seven-months in jail, however, he will be released in a month due to time spent in custody.

Newman was raised in South East Melbourne and had recently been living in Fitzroy. He is one of the few graffiti artists who is part of the public consciousness; last year he was convicted of painting his pseudonym on a mural that was painted 30 years ago, which represented local women. This was certainly his most notorious work, but there have been hundreds or even thousands more.

Part of his work was motivated as a revenge against street artist who instead of just painting a name are dedicated to painting images on the walls. Newman seemed to be in a war with the street artists, and even if some artist painted a wall that previously had a tag, he would mark it again.

But he is mainly specialized in marking his name in the most difficult and accessible places of Melbourne. His brand is one of the most removed graffitis in the City of Melbourne along with the brand of Pork and Lamb, which are usually found together, so it is believed that these tags also belongs to him.

The number of marks left, and his ability to paint in places that seem impossible to reach has left other graffiti artists surprised. His tags can be found in any corner of Melbourne, especially in the city or in the north.

Of course, Newman knew of his notoriety, so much so that in some of his tags he added the legends “almost at the top” and “the bo$$.” Contrary to what one would think his capture was not making one of his popular brands but when he was walking in an abandoned warehouse with possession of allegedly stolen cameras and a cell phone with photos of his marks.

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