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Broken Window Effect - The impact of graffiti vandalism in Eastern Suburbs

The impact of graffiti goes beyond the monetary cost, it enhances the broken window effect and vandalism across Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Is there any way to stop graffiti?

Graffiti Vandalism has become a very expensive problem in Melbourne. Homeowners, businesses and councils are draining resources to remove tags. Preventing graffiti can save you the hassle and headaches of…

6 Things You Should Know about Anti-Graffiti

Anti-graffiti paint is one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of graffiti vandalism. Prevent permanent damages to your property.

Graffiti grime would be combated by Melbourne City Council

During COVID-19 lockdowns, graffiti vandals took over Melbourne's CBD.

Bairnsdale Aboriginal Arts: A graffiti vandalism prevention case study

Showcasing Koori culture is helping to prevent graffiti vandalism through mural art, community partnerships and mentoring.

Banksy, genius or vandal? Exhibition in Brussels explores the artists' work.

Banksy, genius or vandal? is the question posed in the controversial life of the still unknown graffiti artist. An immersive exhibition.

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DIY pressure washing may be tempting, but there are some downsides that you can't overlook. Here all our tips to make an informed decision!

How and Where to Report Graffiti in Melbourne

So, did you know that graffiti is illegal everywhere in Australia, including in the city of Melbourne? But where do you report graffiti, and how?

The Impact of Corona on Graffiti in Melbourne

Let's face it, the year 2020, was a challenging time for the whole world. But what has been the impact of Corona on graffiti in Melbourne?

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Why should you take instant action when it comes to graffiti?

Graffiti removal in Melbourne cost thousands of dollars. Taking action quickly prevents the broken window effect on your neighbourhood and save the city heaps. On this article, we explore some…

Graffiti artist Futura sues North Face

Graffiti artist Futura is suing North Face for allegedly copying the signature atom design, present on his work since early stages.