Unveiling the Art of Graffiti Removal: Expert Techniques and Strategies
Best and Worst Graffiti Removal Methods
Pressure Washing: the easiest way to increase property value.

What are the Best Graffiti Removal Techniques?

Find out what graffiti removal tools work best, how to use them properly, and why you should remove graffiti as soon as possible.

Ten Tips for Choosing the Best Graffiti Removal Company in Melbourne

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How to remove graffiti? - The Ultimate Guide for 2021

Graffiti is unsightly and can devalue your home, but it doesn't have to be a permanent fixture. Use these tips to remove graffiti from any surface permanently.

How Melbourne’s lockdown protests are hurting the small businesses

Selfish anti-lockdown protesters facilitated Melbourne's graffiti vandals to attack private property, hurting small business.

Did the Kensington duck mural was protected with an anti graffiti coating?

Anti-Graffiti coating used to protect graffiti? Although it sounds weird, protective coatings came in handy before the Kensignton duck mural was vandalised again.

Shamsia Hassani: The Afghan graffiti artist capturing women's voices.

Afghanistan's first female street artist portrays Afghan women reality as they face Taliban threats. A dangerous work that she uses to embrace resistance.

What is the best way to remove graffiti?

The best way to remove graffiti depends on many variables. To achieve the best finish and avoid causing staining or structural damage, the best way to approach it is by…

Broken Window Effect - The impact of graffiti vandalism in Eastern Suburbs

The impact of graffiti goes beyond the monetary cost, it enhances the broken window effect and vandalism across Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

Is there any way to stop graffiti?

Graffiti Vandalism has become a very expensive problem in Melbourne. Homeowners, businesses and councils are draining resources to remove tags. Preventing graffiti can save you the hassle and headaches of…

6 Things You Should Know about Anti-Graffiti

Anti-graffiti paint is one of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of graffiti vandalism. Prevent permanent damages to your property.

Graffiti grime would be combated by Melbourne City Council

During COVID-19 lockdowns, graffiti vandals took over Melbourne's CBD.

Bairnsdale Aboriginal Arts: A graffiti vandalism prevention case study

Showcasing Koori culture is helping to prevent graffiti vandalism through mural art, community partnerships and mentoring.